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Call of Duty : Advanced Warfare se patch en version 1.05

Posté par caillou71 le 14 novembre 2014 à 7 h 23 min

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Édité par Activision, le jeu vidéo Call of Duty : Advanced Warfare se paye déjà un cinquième patch à télécharger sur notre console de salon.

Ce cinquième patch PS4 à télécharger gratuitement nous apporte plusieurs améliorations de la part des développeurs de Sledgehammer Games. Voici l’extrait officiel des changements de cette version 1.05 :

  • In-Game Updates:
    • Adjusted the center point of some sniper scopes.
    • Increased the timing between kills to count Multikills.
    • Fixed a rare crash issue when switching profiles for guest users.
    • Fixed a rare crash issue when using camos on a weapon.
    • Fixed the sound of the SAC3 with the Suppressor Attachment to not play in stereo to all players on the map.
    • Various matchmaking and connectivity improvements.
    • Fixed issue where announcer’s voice ignores the in-game option to disable it.
    • Fixed a rare issue when the Riot Shield would not be selected when changing classes.
    • Various adjustments to the Riot Shield; including model popping up at random, mantling onto, jumping off from, and interaction with grenades.
    • Fixed an exploit of rapidly firing a bolt action gun while sprinting.
    • Adjusted the time limit expiration for Red Baron gear after challenge has been completed.
  • Weapon Balancing Updates  (Note: Adjustments affect base weapon and all loot variants):
    • HBRa3: max damage range increased [Live]
    • AE4: reduce recoil, increase number of shots before overheating [Live]
    • EPM3: reduce recoil [Live]
    • MK14: reduce recoil [Pending]
    • Tac-19: max damage range increased, reduced spread when using Gung-Ho [Live]
    • S-12: increased fire rate, reduced spread when using Gung-Ho [Pending]
  • Security and Anti-Cheat Updates:
    • Added security updates and features.
  • UI Updates:
    • Fixed a rare issue when Supply Drops would not open.
    • Adjusted kill feed speed.
    • Updated base AE4 icon as it was displaying the AE4 Widowmaker weapon.
    • Updated Playlist Menu.
    • Fixed issues with localization copy in the in-game store.
    • Updated sorting of Character Gear within Customization menu.
    • Adjusted UI of Exo Abilities descriptions for better readability.
    • Fixed an issue where the default player was not always being displayed properly in the Virtual Lobby.
    • Fixed a rare issue where the player is unable to sign into their Call of Duty account if connection is interrupted.
  • Challenge Updates:
    • Added new Supply Drop Daily Challenges.
  • Clan Updates:
    • Added confirmation window when kicking a member from a clan.
    • Fixed a rare issue where Clan Wars Bonus XP was not being awarded.
    • Fixed an issue where clan members could see your presence even if you were set to appear offline.
  • Store Updates:
    • Fixed various issues with players not having access to the AE4 with the Season Pass.
    • Fixed an issue where an item was not being marked “Purchased” in the in-game store after installing.
    • Improvements to the in-game Store UI and purchasing.
    • Game will no longer prompt a player to install Atlas Gorge if they already have it.
  • Emblem Updates:
    • Fixed a rare issue with emblems on a second profile that’s signed in a guest.
  • Scorestreak Updates:
    • Removed skull HUD element from System Hack Scorestreak UI effect.
    • Adjusted the score value the System Hack Scorestreak.
    • Adjusted the view of the XS1 Vulcan Killcam.
    • Fixed a rare occurrence of the Goliath Drop Pod getting stuck after colliding with an air-based Scorestreak.
    • Fixed a rare occurrence of the Orbital Care Package getting stuck after colliding with an air-based Scorestreak.
    • Fixed a rare issue where a player could become “invisible” when calling in a Scorestreak.
    • Fixed a rare issue where a players HUD would become blurry when using a co-op Scorestreak.
  • Broadcaster UI Updates:
    • Addressed rare issue with eSports Broadcaster HUD disappearing.
  • Ranked Play Updates:
    • Addressed issue where Join Session in progress in Ranked Play was still active.
    • Addressed issue where players were dropping multiple divisions after a match in Ranked Play.
    • Addressed rare issue with wins counting as losses in Ranked Play.
    • Adjusted Ranked Play restrictions to include Exo Stim and Exo Cloak.
    • Improvements to party matchmaking.
    • Fixed an issue when quitting a match in a promotional game where it wouldn’t update correctly.
    • Fixed an issue where there was an excessive penalty if a player quits after playing several rounds in a multi-round match.
    • Added Ranked Play Division icons in-game to replace existing rank icons and text in scoreboard.
  • Game Mode Specific Updates:
    • Adjusted various spawning logic for Capture the Flag game mode.
    • Adjusted various spawning logic for Momentum game mode.
    • Fixed issue where the CTF flag was unresponsive to players that were on top of the flag when it spawned.
    • Fixed an issue with the CTF flag not returning if a player was standing on top of the spawn point.
    • Addressed rare issue where CTF flag was not being returned immediately.
    • Fixed issues with planting the bomb after attempting to swap weapons in Search and Destroy.
    • Adjusted dynamic event timing in Search and Destroy & Search and Rescue.
    • Adjusted various spawning logic for Uplink game mode.
    • Uplink Satellite Drone now freezes when round timer ends.
    • Adjusted passing distance for the Uplink Satellite Drone.
    • Fixed an issue where going out of bounds on certain areas of the map would cause the Uplink Satellite’s physics to behave strangely upon reset.
    • Randomized loadouts to survivors in Infected.
  • Map Specific Updates:
    • Fixed an issue where players were able to exploit certain objects to go Out of Map.
    • Fixed various Out of Map exploits across different multiplayer maps.
    • Fixed an issue where the Uplink Satellite Drone could get stuck in blue barrier on the Detroit map.
    • Adjusted Warbird flight path on Atlas Gorge.
  • Exo Survival Updates:
    • Updated various Exo Survival system mechanics.
    • Fixed a UI issue where the « Reviving » progress bar was not being displayed while under the effects of a « System Hack. »
    • Fixed problems caused by the player disconnecting the controller before the class selection menu pops up.
    • AI will no longer target a player while in the class selection menu.
  • Single Player / Campaign Updates:
    • Fixed various lighting in the Single Player campaign level, Captured.

Vous pouvez jouer à la mouture PS4 du jeu vidéo Call of Duty : Advanced Warfare depuis le 04 novembre 2014.

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